New Central New York Area Code


 We use them everyday, our phones.

“It was determined that we were running out of numbers in the 315, so we need to have a new area code for the same location,” said Heather Kirkland of Northland Communications.

On February 11th, Central New York will be getting the new area code, 680. But even if you don’t get the new area code, it will change the way you make local calls. Kirkland said the reason why Central New York is running out of phone numbers is because of the multiple phone lines  per household.

“Now the local calls within 315, which includes Syracuse, Utica, Rome, all those areas… If you’re making a call to from a 315 to a 315, you never had to dial the 315 before. But now you have to because there are 2 area codes associated with the area.”

Not only do you have to dial the full 10 digit number, Kirkland says that you should also add the area codes to the numbers in your contacts. But your contacts aren’t the only thing that should be updated.
“If you have an alarm system that calls a number when it’s tripped, you need to make sure that number in the system has a 315 in front of it so it knows where to go,” explained Kirkland.
If you do not put the area code before the phone number, Kirkland says you will receive a notification telling you to dial the complete 10 digit number.

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