New Bill To Help Volunteer Firefighters


School may be out for summer but Oriskany Central School District and Utica College faculty members spent the morning at N A Walbran Elementary School in Oriskany.  The meeting was held to discuss the new Professional Partnership Pilot Project.  The partnership between the two area schools allows Utica College students in the education track to do field work, student teach and work with teachers in the Kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms.
Melissa Lowell, first Vice President of the Oriskany Teachers Association, says the partnership will benefit her staff and is a great way to reconstruct the student teaching program.
“I think we’re always looking for ways that we can help to develop students and help them to learn in different ways and different concepts and having pre-service teachers there to help us I do think that’s going to give us time to reflect, it’s going t help us to reflect on our own instruction  and one of the big pieces that I know our faculty had come to the union about was that they were very concerned about not being able to have student teachers in the way that we have had in the past,” said Lowell.
The program will begin the last week in August and there are already about 50 Utica College students signed up.

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