New Alternative to Whitesboro Street Property

Both Purcell Construction and the Aud Authority are changing their course.
Purcell decided to table their proposal, while the Aud withdrew their application.
Rick Gefell, Business Development Director, of Purcell Construction says,
“We’re showing 3 two story building and 1 two story building, and it’s a mix of one and two bedroom units, and again that could change.”

The Aud authority has yet to provide any details on their project, only hinting at a potential sports and entertainment complex worth between $45 and $60 million. Something that county executive says is discussed between the two sides in the months ahead.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says, 
“Its in an area where when the Aud is at full capacity is very congested, so i also think you have to look at those factors in developing those sites going forward to say what’s the best fit here.”

The Master Plan for the City of Utica previously set it’s sights on the property for housing, which Mayor Palmieri says would bode will if the two parties could iron out a deal to include a sports complex as part of their joint proposal. 

“We want to be able to get get the maximum out of this. That would serve the Aud, serve a neighborhood, and at the end of the day be a destination that would be a reason to come off the thruway and a reason for people to reside in this area.”
Purcell indicated they’d be willing to modify their previous proposal, as long as the Aud Authority were able to give them clearer specifics as to what exactly they plan to build in that location.
Both parties are expected to sit down together to discuss a deal next week.

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