A barefoot and disoriented acting Naythen Aubain was arraigned at the Oneida County Jail Tuesday night. A plea of not guilty was entered by his Public Defender representation. Auburn is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder, accused of killing and dismembering his grandmother, Katerine Aubain, 90, and Jane Wentka, 87. All three lived at 1147 Tilden Ave. in Utica.

Aubain was brought to the jail by Utica Police. He was wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants and was shackled at the hands and feet. He also had a hood of netting on his head.

Aubain was first brought in the arraignment area and was taken to a side room where he briefly met with the Public Defender Adam Tyksinski. On his way in Aubain was overheard telling Mr. Tyksinski that he didn’t need to discuss anything with him. They met, nevertheless.

Aubain was brought before Judge Randall Smith, of the Town of Verona. During the proceeding, Aubain said out loud that he killed them, he chopped them up because they made him do nasty things. At another point, Auburn said that he chopped up the landlady in the name of Jesus Christ. He also said that he would chop up anyone who didn’t accept Jesus Christ.

Auburn’s attorney requested an Article 730 Examination of Naythen Aubain. The request was granted. A 730 Exam seeks to determine if a defendant is incapacitated, unable to understand the charges against them and unable to assist in their own defense.

Aubain was remanded to the Oneida County Jail without bail. He is scheduled to appear in Utica City Court Wednesday morning. The charges of First Degree Murder have been leveled because Aubain is charged with causing multiple deaths during the same criminal act.

Sunday night, Utica Police and Fire responded to a motor vehicle accident in the 900 block of Bleecker St. The driver of the car attempted to flee the scene, despite being severely injured in the crash. Police and Fire responded hear the man mutter something about the condition of an individual at 1147 Tilden Ave, about a mile from the accident. Utica Police went to that address and found the dismembered body of Wentka on the first floor. Katherine Aubain’s dismembered body was found in Clayville.