(NEXSTAR) — Church & Dwight Co., the owner of the popular Batiste hair product line, has agreed to a $2.5 million class action lawsuit settlement over claims its dry shampoo contains the carcinogen benzene.

If you purchased one or more Batiste dry shampoo items before May 30, 2023, you may be able to file a claim to participate in the settlement. No proof of purchase is necessary, though those who provide proof may receive more than the maximum amount for those without proof, which is $10 (which amounts to $2 per item at a maximum of five items).

Although Church &. Dwight Co. denies any wrongdoing, the company has agreed to the $2.5 million to settle the lawsuit, which alleges Batiste dry shampoo products “contained unsafe levels of benzene.”

The deadline to submit a claim in this settlement is Nov. 15, 2023. A final approval hearing is set for Sept. 16, 2023. Final payment amounts may increase or decrease depending on the final number of claims.

Benzene in dry shampoos

There has been increased attention on the presence of benzene in dry shampoo products over the past year.

In October 2022, consumer goods company Unilever recalled several of its dry shampoo products over benzene level concerns. As reported by the Washington Post, Unilever said the propellants in its spray cans were the source of the benzene. Procter & Gamble issued a similar recall for its aerosol dry shampoo products in December 2021.

A November 2022 study by independent lab/research group Valisure tested 148 samples from 34 different dry shampoo brands, including Batiste. The study found that 70% of samples tested contained levels of benzene beyond the Food and Drug Administration’s limits of 2 parts per million.

If dry shampoo contents concern you, there are currently several hair care brands advertising benzene-free dry shampoo options.