DELTONA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida man was arrested Saturday after a father reported he repeatedly catcalled his daughter and harassed neighbors over a period of several months.

According to a post on the Volusia Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Mark Greenburg, 55, was arrested in Deltona on a warrant for aggravated stalking. Deputies sought the warrant after the girl’s father claimed Greenburg walked to his driveway and made several inappropriate comments toward the girl as she played outside.

Deputies said the alleged comments included “words to the effect of ‘I’m going to make you famous’ and ‘I’m going to turn you into a woman’ or a ‘big girl.'” Several witnesses reportedly corroborated the story, with some claiming Greenburg said he was “going to pick her up and take her to Disney World.”

“The arrest followed a series of complaints from close to a dozen witnesses who have reported his behavior, including at least 11 incidents reported to the Sheriff’s Office over the past 8 months,” the sheriff’s office wrote. They said these alleged incidents include Greenburg yelling at his neighbors with a megaphone and filming their children playing outside.

Mark Greenburg, 55 (via Volusia County Corrections)

The father reportedly told deputies that the alleged harassment was getting progressively worse and his daughter is now afraid to go outside. The family said they suspect Greenburg followed the girl to her grandmother’s house, where he allegedly parked outside twice in two days and took photos.

Deputies said they attempted to contact Greenburg on Friday, but he refused. They then obtained a warrant for his arrest. Greenburg faces charges of aggravated stalking of a person under 16.