NAACP Youth Council Of Oneida County Organizes Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

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The same day the first black president was sworn in to office for his second term, the nation also honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Oneida County NACCP Youth Council is a brand-new organization and they’ve set up a march and memorial service in Dr. King’s honor. Children and adults will take part because they say Dr. King’s legacy is ageless.

“The “I Have A Dream” speech, it provokes every child, every boy, every girl, every adult to have a dream and to prove that dream is possible,” says Delvin Moody, NACCP Youth Council President.

Moody says Dr. King’s legacy lives on among generations.

“I think it’s important for youth because we’re living in a time that homicides and murders are rising between members of the minorities,” says Moody.

“Especially in Utica, you get to see all of this violence going on. MLK, he didn’t want violence, his number one sermon was peace,” says Hilda Jordan, NACCP Youth Council Vice-President.

“It’s important, it’s necessary that we listen to what he said and I think today helps us and reminds us of how that fight must continue,” says Moody.

And the Council Advisors say young people need to speak out.

“We need them to really come to the forefront and have their voices heard,” says Craig Grant, NAACP Youth Council advisor.

“We’re all getting older and we need our young people to provide leaders for the future,” says Edward Jackson, NAACP Youth Council advisor.

Even though the Youth Council began a few months ago, members say they are ready to make a change.

“We hope to accomplish new means especially violence going on youth on youth,” says Jordan.

“I’m not expecting Barack Obama to change what goes on in Utica, I’m expecting us to change what goes on in our community, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes,” says Moody.
 are created equal..”

The MLK March will be taking place at St. Mary of Mount Carmel Church in Utica at 6:30pm. The tribute ceremony will take place afterward, until 9:30pm. Coordinators encourage the entire community to attend.

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