MVP Health Care urges the public to utilize Telemedicine


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – “So much of what is going to the emergency room and urgent care actually and for quite some time should and can be taken care of in different settings and one of those settings is virtual care and telemedicine that’s where you can have an appointment with a healthcare provider that’s either over video or actually can be over the phone so they can understand what’s going on with you and figure out how to handle your situation,” said Dr. Kimberly Kilby, MVP Health Care Director.

Dr. Kimberly Kilby explains that telemedicine has little to no wait time…and can help patients quickly determine what type of care they need….while also easing the current burden on emergency and urgent care facilities. however…individuals should use their judgement and seek out in-person emergency care if they are experiencing symptoms that need urgent attention.

“For the most part most things can be handled on an outpatient basis and you can stay at home be reassured get some of the immediate needs met and then have your care plan done with a care provider without ever having to leave your home. If somebody has active chest pain, if they’re having the worst headache of their lives certain things you know signs of stroke inability to speak you know certain things that we’re commonly trying to educate people about that are very highly concerning warning signs” said Dr. Kilby.

Dr. Kilby explains that there are various options and alternatives to utilizing telemedicine through MVP, and they accommodate those who may have to overcome barriers.

“A lot of times we find its not only age its where you live what the resources are in your area. We have a range of ways to access the services. One is an app on a smart phone, one is a website and lastly there’s a telephone number 877-GOASK-GIA,” said Dr. Kilby

No matter what healthcare provider one goes through, Dr. Kilby says that even once we overcome the struggles of the pandemic and the staffing shortages, she sees virtual healthcare being here to stay, and the quality of these services will continue evolve.

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