MVHS Rehabilitation and Nursing Center celebrates centenarians


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – The Mohawk Valley Health System Rehabilitation and Nursing Center hosted a party to recognize a special group of their residents.

The party honored nine residents who are each at least 100 years old, a distinction that grants them centenarian status. This party was the first event hosted at the nursing home since the pandemic.

“Things are really starting to open up and improve, and you can just see the quality of their lives improving,” said Amy Deangelo, the director of therapeutic recreation. “Everyone is so much happier. It’s a really good time right now.”

The residents were joined at the celebration by staff, family and friends. They were offered refreshments and enjoyed a presentation of photos of the women in their younger years.

When asked about her advice for others trying to live to 100 years old, Josephine Pantenleo said, “Don’t eat junk food.” She also shared that she takes each day one at time.

The nine women who were celebrated at the event are:

Marguerite Redmond, 108 years old

Julia Roczen, 102 years old

Vivian Caswell. 100 years old

Carmela Etergineoso, 100 years old

Anna Fiorile, 100 years old

Mary Kogut, 100 years old

Josephine Patenleo, 100 years old

Helen Shaw, 100 years old

Olga Stewart, 100 years old

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