MVHS Receives $50M Donation For Hospital Project


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — MVHS has been working on the hospital project for the past years and today they announced a major donation from a person who has a direct connection with the City of Utica.

“We are the recipients of a generous gift from the Wynn Family Foundation of 50 million dollars.” – Darlene Stromstad, President and CEO, MVHS

Philanthropist Steve Wynn grew up in Utica, and started his career at his father’s bingo parlor right across the street from the new hospital.

“The irony of it is too much. I knew that Darlene was going to need the support of the community to have the kind of financial reserve strength necessary to keep the promise that the building would make. That is to bring the best people here, to keep the best people here.” – Steve Wynn, Philanthropist, The Wynn Family Foundation

This is the biggest donation they’ve ever received and as tribute, it’s been named the Wynn Hospital of MVHS. The funds will be used to expand and enhance the hospital’s services.

“It means that we can attract specialists, it means that we can retain our medical staff. It means that we can have cutting edge equipment.” – Bonnie Woods Board Chair, MVHS

“It truly will help make every facet of this hospital state of the art.” – Linda Romano Co-Chair Of Capital Campaign, MVHS

The hospital will open its doors in the fall of 2023.

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