MVHS Prepares For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution


(WUTR-TV) —The Mohawk Valley Health System says the countdown for the COVID-19 vaccine is on.

“With operation warp speed that once that is approved, within 24 hours they’re going to start distributing in a mass production kind of way.” – Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, operation warp speed would produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines by January 2021. Although that’s still several weeks away, MVHS says they’re already making preparations.

“We have actually put in a request that we get 1,000 doses with the idea that we would keep it within a central location. Unfortunately that would mean that people would need to come to a central location to get the vaccine.” – Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

We asked when will they know which vaccine they’re receiving.

“That’s going to depend on which ones are available and then which one s are allocated to us. So certainly Pfizer has applied for an a emergency use authorization from the FDA. That process usually takes about a couple weeks.” – Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Dr. Hall says healthcare workers will be the first group of people to get the vaccine.

“Simply because that’s a population that is relatively centralized also. And that way we can have them develop protection for themselves so that they can continue to protect the rest of the community.” – Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Dr. Hall says there’s still no word yet on how the federal government plans to distribute the vaccines.

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