MVHS Closes Drive-thru Test Site


“We are running short, potentially critically short of testing equipment as well as of personal protective equipment or PPE.” —Kent Hall, MD, Chief Physician Executive at Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS). Due to the shortage of supplies, the drive-thru test site will be discontinued starting tomorrow (March 24).

People who are eligible for tests are those who are admitted to the hospital with symptoms. Elderly who have significant symptoms or patients with significant comorbidity ( lung disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc). Finally, health care providers who have become ill.

Non-essential surgeries will also be eliminated. The only surgeries that will take place are, “Those that are life saving, those that are limb saving or those that if they’re not done in an expeditious time frame, will ultimately result in patients either dying or having significant problems.” —Kent Hall, MD

MVHS is preparing for a surge in patient volumes and developing a surge plan that’s required by the New York State Department of Health. MVHS will surge up to 50 percent greater than their normal census. Part of their plan is to recruit retired nurses and doctors within the past few years. The telephone number to call if interested is 315-624-5607.

Kent Hall encourages people to continue social distancing. He says that 80-85 percent of people who catch the Coronavirus will get better.

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