MVHS Addresses Concerns in Emergency Rooms and Outlines Their Re-opening Plans


MVHS Staff say patients are delaying their care out of fear of the Coronavirus, particularly when it comes to cardiac care and stroke care.

“Time is of the essence. We always talk about time is brain, time is heart. Both of these cases you really need to come to the emergency department so I can take care of you as quickly as possible because that will eventually allow you to get back to your family quicker.” —Avinash Kambhampati- Assitsant Medical Director, MVHS

In order to ensure patient and staff safety, they are checking the symptoms of everyone who walks through the doors.

“We will keep you safe and we will take care of you. So the other thing we wanted to talk about in regards to keeping people safe is what we’re calling our safe path. So this is the path that patients use who come in for elective surgery.”—Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

The path was implemented about a month ago when elective surgeries restarted and has helped their patient volume increase.

“Because of the dramatic hit that we took from a financial stand point in needing to stop pure elective procedures, we needed to make sure we were doing right by the system from a financial standpoint and that led to salary reductions for certain people, furloughs, and lay offs for certain people.”—Hall

MVHS is now looking at bringing their hospital staff back. They’ve recalled 173 staff members. At their St. Elizabeth’s Campus they laid off 47 nurses. As of today, only six nurses still remain laid off.

“At Faxton-St. Luke’s we have recalled 60 staff members and anticipate recalling additional staff members at the end of this week and early next week.”—Linda Mccormack Miller- Sr. Vice President Chief Nursing Officer

MVHS will now allow family members to return. Visiting hours will be from 3pm-7pm. Only two family members will be allowed in the hospital and only one in the patient’s room.

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