This week’s drone camp at Mohawk Valley Community College is giving students not just flight time, but skills to simulate and construct their own aircraft. And the supporter for the camp says, thanks to the growth of UAS systems at Griffiss International Airport, MVCC being one of three schools in the nation to offer drone courses, these students are well ahead of the curve.

Mary Chruscicki, The Owner of AX Enterprises adds, “And I believe our kids will be out in front and leading the industry that is starting to explode as we speak.”

And this week’s camp is not just about flying. Camp Instructor Bill Judycki says it includes a combination of mechanics and electronics. But for safety purposes he can take control at anytime.

“Disasters sometimes do happen, should something happen unexpectedly, all I have to do is click this switch and the aircraft will land immediately.”

For seventh grader Abe Goerner, he says the camp has given him a new perspective on what drones can be used for.

“I thought they were mostly used in the army I thought. But, now I realize they can be used for much better things than that.”

And when it came time to take the sticks, Abe showed he has a bright future ahead of him.

“It was just pieces and parts on the work bench on Monday, and they worked as teams putting them together. They actually got to sit at simulators that MVCC has here, so they can learn how to fly them without flying them. . So far no crashes, so the simulators, the exercises on the simulator worked great.”