MV500:The Final Hours


In less than 24 hours, Central New Yorker’s will have a decision on whether it will become one of the three regions selected in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $1.5 billion dollar Upstate Revitalization Initiative.

 Tomorrow is the day, to see if the MV500 plan will have what it takes to bring $500 million dollars to the area…so lets break it down

The plan is spilt into three main categories, first focusing on STEM intensive industries. Investing funds with the potential of welcoming over 3,000 new nano technology related jobs aiding industries like G.E. and A.M.S as they enter the Mohawk Valley.

Step two is focusing on agriculture. Local leaders believing that the area has the potential to provide crops and dairy on a global scale. If the money is obtained- the project hopes to maximize production and have 50% of local farms profitable by 2020.

The final step is to maximize tourism- bringing attractions that will get people to the area and encourage them to stay here.

” Anytime you can look at the amount of money that is being presented and offered to move a region forward in a five year time period that’s significant- so we are keeping our fingers crossed up until the last hour. ” County Executive Anthony Picente said.

Should the plan be approved- that money will not arrive in one big sum- it will be distributed throughout all six of the counties involved in the project over a period of 5 years. We will have live coverage of the results tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on WUTR.

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