In Worcester fatal shooting, son of victim charged with murder


TOWN OF WORCESTER–The teenage son of the man shot dead in his own home, last Thursday, has been charged with murder; along with two other juveniles and one adult.

Kenneth Robinson’s body was found inside his Head Road home Oct. 10, after a neighbor reported a fire at the residence–which state police say broke out near a rear bedroom.

Dylan Robinson, 15, faces second-degree murder and first degree burglary charges in the death of his 53-year-old dad, Kenneth Robinson–according to Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl.

Two other other teens–Anais Soto and Alexander Borgreen–face the same charges as Dylan Robinson, along with Nicolas Meridy, 32.

Following Meridy’s felony hearing in town court on Thursday, Muehl said, “according to Mr. Meridy, Mr. Robinson (Dylan) fired the fatal shots.”

Alexis Lotterman, also a teenager, faces a first-degree burglary charge in the case.

“The teens are all friends from high school. They’re either friends or friends of girlfriends or boyfriends. So they have all known each other for a while. I have no idea what their connection is to Mr. Meridy,” Muehl said.

Investigators say they’re working to determine what gun the fatal shots were fired from.

“The guns were at a neighbors’ of the deceased, and they were taken from that residence… I think the home was broken in to. The guns were reported stolen,” Muehl said.

New York State Police investigator Ronald Lussi was called as a witness by the district attorney’s office during Meridy’s hearing.

Lussi said he interviewed Meridy on Oct. 11, and the respondent indicated Dylan shot his dad in the head; going on to say the robbery of Kenneth Robinson’s home was for seizure of marijuana and money.

According to Lussi, Meridy said there was a “planning” meeting in Oneonta prior to Dylan opening the front door of his dad’s home.

In his interview with Meridy, Lussi noted that the interviewee said a struggle occurred between Dylan and Kenneth following entry to the home.

Meridy said ‘Tatiana’ was present in the Oneonta-based planning meeting, per Lussi’s recalling of the respondent’s interview.

The district attorney’s office says ‘Tatiana’ has not been charged, but additional charges are pending.

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