UPDATE – The 12:30PM time has come and gone without a court hearing in the NY 22nd Congressional District lawsuit. The hold up appears to be with the Oneida County Board of Election having not yet completed their recanvass of disputed votes in the congressional race.

The Oneida County Board of Elections are the only county board not to have submitted their recanvass results in the disputed New York 22nd Congressional race to State Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte in time for the judge to hold his scheduled hearing Monday morning. Chenango County filed their results with the court Monday morning.

Judge DelConte had called for a hearing in his court in Oswego County for 9:00AM Monday. All of the attorneys represent the candidates in the race, Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney, and the lawyers representing the eight county Boards of Elections are in the court in Oswego waiting for the results from Oneida County.

Monday morning, workers from the Oneida County Board of Elections occupied three tables on the floor at the fieldhouse on the campus of Mohawk Valley Community College, completing their recanvass of ballots.

Judge DelConte had set 12:30PM as the time that he will reconvene in his courtroom to review the corrections on objected ballots and the results of the county’s recanvass.