Monday Morning Quarterback: UC Men’s Hockey Season Recap

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With experienceyou gain knowledge.  And Coach Gary Heenanhas the experience and the knowledge to know when his team is good. This year ThePioneers were up to the challenge but fell just short.

Four years in a row now, NeumannUniversity has ended The Pioneers season. And this year an overtime loss in thequarterfinals brought the 2012 campaign to a close.

Coach Gary Heenansays, “You know here we are you know really not satisfied at all with howthe year went and like I said disappointed. We’ve got to get better we justdon’t like being an 8,9,10 team, we want to get over that last hump and so knowit’s figuring out what we’ve got to do to get over it.”

The season may be finishedbut veteran guys like Evan Chlanda know this year’s team made significantprogress.

Chlanda added, “We’relooking forward to next season for sure but you know I think we took anotherstep this year as getting more mature as a team and stuff like that even thoughwe are a veteran group as it is but a lot of freshman turning sophomores stillmaturing and learning the college game because it’s a new thing every singleday and every single team you play.”

The wounds of the overtimeloss are still fresh and the guys say it will be motivation during off seasonwork outs.

Thewounds of the overtime loss are still fresh and the guys say it will bemotivation during off season work outs.

Morton says, “Youknow guys are still thinking about it, you its always in the back of your headwhen you go through a loss like that especially when we had such highexpectations this year also, so yeah it does kind of leave a bad taste in yourmouth.”

From a coachingperspective tough losses don’t get any easier.

“It tears theheart right out of you, you know it really does because you’re playing goodhockey, you just didn’t get it done. You know it’s very bitter sweet and we hada good year but we want great years here so the work goes on.”

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