Monday Morning Quarterback: Notre Dame Girls’ Basketball

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It’s the time of year thatevery team plays for, the playoffs. And for Notre Dame’s Girls Basketball team,it’s something they’ve become accustomed to. “Our biggest goal was to justmake sectionals and to win the TVL” After twostraight sectional final appearances the Notre Dame Girls Basketball team isback where they want to be,— in sectionals once again. But even with all thesuccesses the jugglers have experienced they’ve still learned valuable lessonsalong the way. “You know we got beat up a little bit but we didn’t’stop fighting, we didn’t stop playing we continued fighting and were able tocome back in that game and made another run in the second half, so that was oneof the positives that I saw this year that we didn’t have last year.” The last two seasons Notre Dame has made it to thesectional finals, winning one and losing another. “Winning is thegreatest feeling in the world, you work so hard all season and it pays off inthe end. Losing is the worst feeling in the world because you made it that far,only one more game and you just lost.” With onlyfour days to prepare for their first sectional game Coach Plonish keepspractice business as usual. “Nothing changes; we go about thingsthe same every day. Pretty much before we go out every game, it’s the samething we talk about the same thing. We rebound, we push the ball up the floor,we take care of the basketball, we make free throws, and it’s thatsimple.” Even for seniors like Tierney the hoursleading up to sectional games can be nerve racking. “It’s good tohave the team around you to keep you like focused but not as nervous as youdon’t want to be and then our coach calms us down just to prove that it’s justlike every other game, we just have to do what we do best.”

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