Monday Morning Quarterback: New Hartford Boys’ Hockey

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After a disappointing endto last year, the New Hartford Spartans are going back to the drawing board tochange the atmosphere of a program. And that’s just what this group of Spartansare determined to do. It may be one of the hardest things to do in sports. Changethe atmosphere of a program and create a winning attitude. “We had sort ofa sour finish last year, locker room wise, chemistry wise, attitude wise. So weinitiated some steps to bring the kids together in the off season, do more offseason workouts and things like that, try to build up some chemistry, try tobuild up a little momentum before we even got to the ice in November. ” Not only did this team come together before the seasonthey’ve continue to build chemistry not only on the ice but off as well.”Like before games we have team dinners, we’ll all go to someone’s houseeat dinner and I think it brings us closer together because they feel that we acceptthem as a team.” The off ice workouts have paid off but the Spartans stillface battles every day. “Most of the struggles we had this year is wedon’t have many older guys, we only have 5 seniors, we have 11 eight and ninthgraders. So we’re very young were limited as far as our seniority goes. And alot of other teams are just build a little stronger up on top than weare.” Currently the Spartans hold the final sectionalplayoff spot and that’s a huge step in taking the program to the next level.”Because a lot of teams don’t take us a serious because we are a youngteam and we don’t have a great record like other teams but we’ve actually comea long ways and we’ve surprised a lot of teams already.” “So we wantto make playoffs this year and if we make playoffs we can go all the way.”

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