Monday Morning Quarterback: Martin Brodeur

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The Devils American HockeyLeague affiliate may have only spent six seasons in Utica but even in thatshort span a number of hockey legends put on the sweater. One includes NewJersey devils net minder Martin Brodeur. Brodeur was drafted by the devils in1990 and a year later their top prospect was playing in Utica. “Well you knowfirst professional hockey season was great, I think just going to the rink andhaving the decent atmosphere for American Hockey League. For us when you thinkabout minor league you don’t want to stay there too long because you try to getto the NHL but my time there made a lot of friends it was a lot of fun.” Brodeur appeared in thirty games wearing the Utica Devilslogo and a number of those games were of course at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.”It was fun you know, good memories you know with the way it wasmade, it’s so long ago like I said it’s over twenty years ago so I don’tremember but much but I remember it was part of the movie Slapshot that’s forsure.” Since his time in Utica, Brodeur’s namehas been inscribed on Lord Stanley’s cup three times and he holds multiplecareer records. But even after all those accomplishments the devils goaliestill remembers where he lived during his time in Utica. ” Yeah alittle bit, I stayed in New Hartford that was just outside I guess, so I wasn’treally going to Utica that much, I don’t know if it’s changed a lot since I’vebeen there. But my time like I said made a lot of friends but it was a littlemore outside. I think Nick Palmieri plays on our team is from that area too sowe talk and see a lot people coming down to see him once in a while.”

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