Mohawk Valley Awarded $100.3 Million


Leaders from 7 upstate regions all eagerly awaited the decision of which 3 regions would take home the top $500 million dollar prize in what’s better known as the “Upstate Hunger Games”.

After lengthy introductions it was finally time to name the top  three …The Finger Lakes nabbed the first bid, followed by the Southern Tier..And with one top prize left, the last region named came as a shock..

Central New York was the final recipient.

After the fallout, the Mohawk Valley received $100.3 million in Regional Economic Development council Funding. And though they didn’t say it, you could see their expressions that members of the committee did not agree with the decision.

Robert Geer, SUNY Polytech Vice President and MV-500 Co-Chair says, “I think the state’s absolutely buying into what we’re doing, and we’re moving the region forward, as I said, it’s hard to walk away, with a little disappointment but at the end of the day, it’s a very good day for the Mohawk Valley.

Despite the plan that included the Marcy Nanocenter, UA systems training at Rome, and increased agriculture production, it unfortunately was not meant to be.
Certain members of the committee believe that the competition may not have been the best way to help certain areas in need of assistance.

Senator Joe Griffo adds, “I think there were better ways to have done this differently, I don’t agree with the
Governor’s approach on the Urban Revitalization Approach, we’ve discussed that before but it is what it is..”

Despite losing the top bid, the Mohawk Valley did take home the most money from the REDC. The Governor says he hopes to pass a measure that would give those four regions an additional $50 million dollars in next year’s State Budget.

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