Mobile Sports Betting- Local Officials Concerned Oneida Deal Will be breached


The Oneida Deal of 2013 that ended land, tax and gaming disputes is now in jeopardy of being breached. It was agreed that the Oneida Nation’s exclusive gaming rights would be in a ten county Central New York region. The nation would invest 25 percent of its net gaming revenue from slot machines in the state and surrounding counties.

As of now, the proposed mobile sports betting brought forward in the New York State Budget does not include the Oneida Indian Nation.

“Unfortunately at this point, the proposal does not include the tribal casinos. That is something that I’m very concerned about. We spent last week continuing to emphasize the importance of one of our largest employers in Oneida County.” —Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon

This would have a negative financial impact on Oneida County, “We’re talking on average about 20 million a year and that can grow.” —Anthony Picente, Oneida County Executive

Picente says the playing field should be even for everyone, ” Especially when you have these agreements that have been put in place and have been honored by the Oneidas. Remember, we get 20 million and the state still get some 50 plus million a year and so are the other counties around us getting a share of that revenue so this is what the state needs to understand.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the mobile sports betting should be done the same way the lottery is done. The state should make the money directly and decipher where it should go.

“With the Indian gaming, the issue is if you make a bet from your phone in a geographic area that is in an Indian gaming area, they don’t get that revenue. That revenue goes to the sate. Their claim is since your in their physical area, they should get that bet, the revenue from that gaming.”— Gov. Cuomo

Cuomo says they have been trying to work through this. The Oneida Indian Nation responded by saying they have serious legal doubts about the legislation and the impact it will have on Central New York. They regret the state is not trying to resolve these issues cooperatively.

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