New York Dairy Farmers and Oneida County partnered together to give away face masks and milk
at Griffis Business and Technology Park in Rome.

“This milk came from the Dairy Farmers of America which our farm is a part of that’s a cooperative. it’s one of the larger cooperatives in the U.S. and this milk happened to be purchased from DFA through one of the government buy-back programs to help out farmers and get milk out into the communities.” —Terri DiNitto, Farmer/ DiNitto Farms

The milk distribution give-away started when the pandemic hit causing a surplus of milk.

“The restaurant industry shut down, the schools all shut down and there was really no place for that milk to go. And if you watched, a lot of farmers were having to dump their milk.”

The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council were able to bottle some of the milk through the Dairy Farmers of America and, “We were able to donate it to the community because at least it was going into the community instead of going down the drain.”

More than eight thousand gallons of milk was distributed today and since April the American Dairy Association has delivered more than 250,000 gallons from local dairy farmers and processors
in need across a six state region that includes New York.