Mike’s Cancer Journey: Part Three


From diagnosis to treatment, we’ve shared Mike’s emotional cancer journey with you.

He’s currently in recovery, and the good news is doctors say his cancer is highly treatable.

“For example, if it comes back, we don’t want it to come back, but if it comes back a year or two later, even with the treatments we have these days, the cure rate is well over 90 percent,” Dr. Manzurul Sikder, one of Mike’s doctors at Slocum-Dickson Medical Group said.

While he’ll be resting over the next few weeks, our news director, Tom Coyne says you can expect to see him back at the anchor desk soon.

“I don’t think that I had given enough respect to the fact that this entire process has had onto his body,” Coyne said. “I’d be happy if he’s back in the first week of December,” he added

Mike’s been seeing your messages to him– coming through on social media.

On Facebook, Janice wrote “Please tell Mike Hoey that my friends and I are praying for his full recovery and that he will have the strength to go through the treatments that will save his life,”

And Nancy tweeted us “All the best to Mike Hoey… Good Luck… You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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