Medical emergency policy for one area independent living community

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The recent recorded 911 call during the death of an elderlywoman out west is raising some questions when it comes to employees providingmedical care.

A staff member at an independent living community in Californiarefused to perform CPR on a resident who stopped breathing. The resident died.

We’re taking a closer look at policies here at home.

Eyewitness News spoke with the Executive Director of PreswickGlen, which is an independent living retirement community in New Hartford.

She says they do all that they can in a medical emergency,under one condition.

Residents at Preswick Glen have one of these around theirnecks or nearby in their apartments.

In case of a medical emergency, with a push of a button thefront desk gets alerted.

“Anywhere they are on the property, we know it’s themand we know they are calling us for help and we know where they are,” saidExecutive Director, Meg Cardamone.

And if staff members do need to call 911 there is vitalinformation in the resident’s fridge.

“The kind of information is what hospital they prefer, who’stheir primary care physician, are they are on any medications, any allergiesand who their personal emergency contact people are,” said Cardamone.

Cardamone says they do not have any policies in place to prohibita staff member to perform CPR or provide medical care as given by the 911operator.

But, a staff member must abide by one thing, a do notresuscitate request.

“You check and see if they have a DNR. Stay with theresident and stay on the phone with 911. It means the first responders have toadhere to the wishes of the resident,” said Cardamone.

Cardamone tells Eyewitness News they do have staff on duty24-7 in case of a medical emergency.

But, since they are an independent living community, they donot have medical personnel on campus.

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