Mayor of Rome Jaqueline Izzo Responds to Governor Cuomo’s Resignation


ROME, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — Governor Cuomo’s resignation could have an effect on economic development projects. Mayor of Rome Jacqueline Izzo spoke with us about her thoughts on his resignation and what a Hochul administration may look like.

Mayor Izzo tells us that his decision to step down was needed because the government could start to get bogged down in the distraction, and at the end of the day the government needs to function for the people. Izzo does not for see Cuomo’s resignation affecting economic development because most projects are underway. Izzo is hopeful for Hochul’s administration and feels she is engaged with the community.

“One of the things she has going for her is that she was a traveler. She has been in all 62 counties year after year. She understands the problems on the ground. I think that’s really going to resonate well for us in Albany and all across the state. She comes from a different perspective, she comes from upstate where she understands that our problems are different from downstate. She’s been a Clerk, she’s been in Congress. So, I think she’s a very smart person and I think she’s got a very well rounded background.”

Mayor Izzo says that Hochul has a large task in front of her and there is a lot to be done as she transitions into her new role as governor.

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