Maple Syrup Production Up After Last Year

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“I don’t remembera year that was that bad” says Jim parker, whohas been tapping maple trees for over twenty years and Jim says last year wasthe worst he’s ever seen.

 Parker says, “The season abruptly to allthe trees went to bud because of the high temperature and everybody, if theydidn’t have their taps in early, they didn’t have a season at all.”

            However, this year Central New York saw a much morecustomary winter is giving hope to maple syrup farmers across the region.

            Jim says, “Based on what I’ve seen, we’re going to have avery good year. I pray for cold freezing weather, which wouldn’t make mostpeople happy but, the maple syrup people you’ve got to have…If this keepsgetting warmer and warmer our season ends.”

            Jim says, currently New York State only taps about 1% oftheir maple trees but our neighbor Vermont taps nearly 22%. If the new farmbill is passed it will bring incentives to create more maple syrup farmers likeJim.

                Jim added, “Here we have probably 200 times as many treesuntapped. So, quite a few of the political people are starting to realize thiscould be a major business for New York State, it’s an undeveloped forgottenbusiness.”

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