LutheranCare Gives New Meaning to “Senior” Prom


CLINTON (WUTR)— It’s officially summer in Central New York, but today at LutheranCare, it was a summer in Paris.

“This is the first time I have ever seen a ‘Senior’ Prom! We are seniors!” exclaimed Carmela Abbott, resident at  the LutheranCare Home.

Residents Carmela Abbott, Mary Paquette, and Betty Zeplin helped plan their own ‘Senior’ Prom. It’s theme was “Summer in Paris.” With the help of BOCES, the seniors were able to have their nails manicured. The event began with a Grand March and a special lunch, followed by a dance party. 

And while today was all about having fun, it’s an event that has an extra special meaning.

“I’ never had a senior prom, so I’m enjoying this one,” explained Betty Zeplin, a LutheranCare residents.

The prom was made possible by LutheranCare Lifestyles Director, Carrie Roth.

 “I overheard some of the Ladies say they have never had a prom before, so it makes me feel good that they get a chance to have a prom,” said Roth. “We really tired to do it up good with everyone getting a corsage just like they would if they were going to regular prom. We have a DJ and a photographer to take pictures over at the Eiffel Tower.

Betty Zeplin said she is looking forward to the after prom party.

“Well they are going to have a pajama party after the prom” said Zeplin. “And they are having music downstairs so we can dance and even have a glass of wine”

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