Lowe’s offers more recycling options to customers

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From Green Right Now Reports

Recycling in earnest can make a person crazy. Maybe you’ve got curbside pick up for plastic bottles and newspapers. But what about batteries, cell phones, CFL light bulbs, printer ink cartridges, cardboard boxes and old computers? These harder-to-recycle items often comprise the clutter in our garages and mud rooms as they wait patiently for someone to haul them to the appropriate place.

Lowe’s stores are trying to make that task a little easier. The home improvement chain announced today that it has installed 1,700 recycling centers in nearly 1,700 stores across the U.S. that will collect and recycle rechargeable batteries, cell phones, unbroken CFLs and plastic shopping bags.

The new program is an expansion of Lowe’s longtime battery recycling collection. Lowe’s estimates that its stores have diverted more than 1 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from local landfills since 2004 by providing in-store battery recycling stations

The new, brightly colored recycling collection bins will create a one-stop recycling center for customers near the front entrance of Lowe’s stores. These centers will accept:

  • All types of used cell phones.
  • Unbroken, expired CFL light bulbs, which will be handled with special care because they contain mercury.
  • Rechargeable batteries up to 11 pounds.
  • Plastic bags. (Though we recommend you use reusable totes for shopping.)

All these products will be shipped to recycling facilities so that parts can be reclaimed, according to a Lowe’s statement.

“Recycling is a simple way to help reduce unnecessary waste in our communities,” said Michael Chenard, Lowe’s director of environmental affairs. ” The recycling centers make it easier for customers to make a difference, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them to promote and support community recycling.”

In addition to the store entrance recycling operations, Lowe’s operates some “back of the house” sustainability initiatives. Over the past five years, Lowe’s stores have recycled 166,000 tons of wood pallets, 147,000 tons of cardboard and 400 tons of shrink wrap.

Lowe’s expanded its appliance recycling program this past spring. With the purchase of a new appliance, Lowe’s will haul away customers’ old appliances for no charge.

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