Locals React to Debate


There’s 458 days until a new president is elected.

One voter says the showmanship of Donald Trump has taken away from the issues that will impact the next administration.

Gary Smith, of Whitestown says, “I didn’t hear a lot about national security last night. I heard more questions about whether Donald Trump would run as an independent, more than what are we going to do about ISIS.

Others believe Trump’s bid for the White house is nearing it’s end.

Bill Dykeman says, “I don’t know how serious he is, I don’t think he has a chance. Ultimately I don’t think he’ll ever be nominated. And if he were nominated, I think the democrats would roll over top of him.”

The Republican Debate Thursday was a chance for those in the area to see what candidate would stand out, but some say talk is cheap.

Bonnie Siegler says, “Well they gave rhetoric of what they want to accomplish, how they’re going to accomplish didn’t come out so much. I mean, i could say I want to do something, how are you going to do it, how are you going to bring it to the table?”

While the jabs thrown last night are considered a new strategy to gain interest, debates held years ago were very much the same.  

Dykeman adds, “They were every bit as contentious and called each other some terrible things in the press and publicly. It just didn’t get as much mass media coverage because it didn’t exist then as it does now.”

According to Nielsen ratings, more than 24 million people watched last night’s debate, making it the highest-rated primary debate in television history.

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