Utica College experiences low COVID-19 cases as semester begins


UTICA COLLEGE, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – Class is back in session at Utica College and Vice President of Emergency Management Shad Crowe tells us that the low COVID-19 infection rates this semester could be due to the new precautions put in place for this school year.

“We’ve had approximately 10 cases on campus total, all of those are resolved with the exception of one student and one employee are still remaining. And we’re doing surveillance testing as well as mandatory testing for different groups on campus so yeah our numbers are very good at this point,” said Crowe.

There is a worry that cases may spike as we move into the winter months. However, Crowe explains that the interventions put into place this school year will help keep students safe when there is a greater capacity inside due to the colder weather.

“As far as all of the other interventions we have we’ve installed, UVC lights in all of our classroom we’re putting them in all of our locker rooms all of our large spaces or spaces where we have people congregating in those lights help destroy the virus as it moves about throughout the room certainly a unique intervention that we here at UC started. Air exchangers, we’ve increased our air purification systems throughout our entire campus so hopefully that will give us a little bit of a safeguard against the virus,” said Crowe.

Utica College students and faculty are tested weekly and take a daily health screening survey to monitor if anyone is showing symptoms. Crowe says that they are constantly monitoring to ensure that these numbers stay low throughout the school year so that they can keep students in the classroom. 

“Our students wanna be here our faculty and staff want to be here everyone wants to have a more normal college experience and the only way to do that is to try to be safe and do those things that we know are safe and have proven to be safe,” said Crowe.

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