The Rescue Mission Helping Homeless in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – The Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization here in Utica has been helping the homeless for 130 years.

“One of the oldest organizations in the community and we provide services to the needy,” said Wendy Goetz, Executive Director of The Rescue Mission.

The non-profit provides resources such as an addiction stabilization center, a 24-hour housing center, as well as a food pantry and clothing center.

“Before we start any of the paper work or do anything we say when was the last time you ate do you have dry socks and clean undergarments and if they don’t or if they have a need then we provide them with those,” said Goetz.

In Utica, many of the homeless ask passing cars for donations, and there are signs in the area that urge people to give to a local charity instead. Wendy tells us that there are ways that the community can still help panhandlers by giving them resources such as food. And if you want to donate money, donate directly to an organization like the rescue mission.

“I have a plastic bag with a toothbrush tube of toothpaste maybe some wipes and a little thing of hand sanitizer and maybe a granola bar so I might give that out to a panhandler and of course you can donate funds to the mission at and it will go directly to help all of our programs,” said Goetz.

If you know someone struggling, you can refer them by calling the mission’s general number at (315) 735-1645 or through their website

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