Rome City School District is Prepared to Re-Open


Rome City School District submitted their re-opening plans to the state last month. Superintendent Peter Blake says it will be challenging to have a discussion session with the parents, a requirement by the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this morning that school districts will have to hold three virtual sessions with parents and one with teachers between now and August 21st.

“I don’t know how you have an effective community forum with your parents through zoom. It’s pretty hard to get a group of people of 100, 200, 300 together and be able to really help them understand things and fill questions because you can’t have face to face dialogue.”— Blake

The school district did set up an e-mail address for parents to ask questions about re-opening plans, “We’re able to answer questions directly and then add them to our FAQ page on our website.” —Blake

Rome City School District will be doing hybrid learning and complete remote learning. The hybrid model will be for grades seven through 12. Those students will be in school for two consecutive days and home the other three. For kindergarten through sixth grade, the school will house 70 percent of those students. The other 30 percent will have to learn remotely.

“There’s a tremendous financial impact to specifically hybrid learning in the sense that you have less kids in the building and more need for supervision, tranportation costs increase because of less kids on the bus.” —Blake

Blake says over the next two weeks there will be, “A lot of conversations with teachers and administrators about how schedules are going to look, how are safety concerns going to be addressed. Are we covering all of our basis with safety and health? We have to completely remodel our food services program to make sure we can accommodate students that are both in person and learning remotely.” —Blake

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