MVCC Hospitality Program offers takeout lunches amid the pandemic


ROME, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Mohawk Valley Community College Hospitality Program has had to change things up due to COVID and they are now offering takeout lunches in place of their in-person meals.

“COVID has changed the process a lot….it has actually been beneficial because the take-out industry and fast casual is a large part of the hospitality industry and is often a growing segment,” said Vincent Petronio.

Traditionally, the program has in-person lunch and dinners where the community can have a sit-down meal and the students gain experience through preparing the three courses and serving the guests. The Director of the Program Vincent Petronio says that this change allows students to gain experience in an area the curriculum would not normally touch on. A student currently apart of the program…krikit mcnair…misses the in-person interactions with the community and doing take out is a bit more challenging.

“We have all these orders at a certain time that we have to fill it was easier when they came in you know we serve them drinks first they got to pick their meals give them the appetizers the salads first, so it gave us time to prepare our meals more sufficient,” said Mcnair.

This is the second semester of the takeout lunches and the surrounding community has been supportive of the program, and made it a success.

“The MVCC community and the Rome community especially at large the Griffis Business Park has been really supportive of the students we sell out or get close to selling out pretty much every week.

The program allows students to grow, and students gain experience and learn about various aspects of the restaurant industry which helps them discover what they’re most interested in. Student Shakia Lilley tells us that although the meals are take-out, they are still putting the same amount of effort into every order.

“We’re making sure that everyone has the same experience and while we don’t know until afterwards who we’ve cooked for its all the same we just want to make sure that everyone is eating good food and it’s made from scratch and everything is clean and it’s just wonderful watching it from start to finish,” said Lilley.

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