Local non-profit organization affected by the pandemic


CLINTON, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – In the past, year many non-profit organizations like Spring Farm CARES have been hurting due to the pandemic. The local non-profit has had their doors closed for over a year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“The reason is we’re here for people as much as animals and so the people part of the equation has been missing,” – Dawn Hayman, Spring Farm CARES Director and Co-Founder.

In order to look out for the health and safety of organizations 25 employees who care for the disabled and neglected animals, they needed to close their doors. However, Spring Farm CARES has found other ways to stay connected with the community through Zoom and other forms of remote learning.

“We do still offer educational opportunities we have lectures available the nature sanctuary has presentations people should check our website and our Facebook page,” said Hayman.

Now, the organization is involved in a major construction project which will allow them to connect with the community while still following COVID safety guidelines.

“We’re trying to build a learning center which will not only be able to host better educational programs but its also going to have the technology for us to go out for Zoom and other avenues to reach people remotely we started to do that this year on a smaller scale but we hope by the beginning of next year around January this project should be finished and we hope to then offer more remote learning,” said Hayman.

COVID-19 has also taken a hit on donations, which is what the non-profit relies on. The community can go to their website www.springfarmcare.org to find ways that they can help.

“We have wish lists on there both for new and used items and we have accounts on chewy and amazon where people can shop and have things sent there we have wish lists on both of those places so that people can send things we most need and that would be very helpful,” said Hayman.

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