Local dairy farmer continues to run production regularly: SUNY Morrisville, farmers hold community dairy drive-thru


MORRISVILLE, NY (WUTR-TV) — The coronavirus is taking a toll on many different industries, including the dairy industry, but the Orth family is making sure that community families have milk in their fridges. They are third generation farmers who continue to run their production daily.

“I hope people in the community get all that they need as far as supplies and the milk,” says David Orth, owner of Orth Farm. The grocery shelves may look empty, but there’s plenty of milk to go around — the issue comes down to transporting it.

“You don’t want to see people lacking a product that’s right here… we just can’t get it there,” says Orth. That’s a reason why some farmers are forced to dump their milk. “Milk is a perishable product and if the cheese manufacturing facility doesn’t need it because they’re not preparing restaurant ready food where does that milk go? There’s no place for it,” says Sheila Marshman, Associate Professor of Agricultural Business at SUNY Morrisville.

“We’re doing good here, we’re still doing our part. I don’t know what will happen yet with the co-ops and stuff like that, there’s talk that farmers [will have to] cut back a little bit to help the problem for a while here,” says Orth.

An overwhelming local response for dairy products has expanded the second SUNY Morrisville and community dairy drive-thru, which will be held Friday, April 17, past the college’s Dairy Complex on Eaton Street (where it was held last week). The free dairy drive is 4-6 p.m. or until products are gone. Once on Eaton Street, patrons will be directed where to go to pick up dairy products. The new location, Hart Road, is just up the road from the SUNY Morrisville Dairy Complex and will better accommodate traffic and pickup. Hart Road will be closed from 2 p.m. on for the event.

  • Morrisville dairy drive-thru time: 4-6 p.m.
  • Location: 3555 Eaton Road/Street, Eaton, New York. Follow signs and officers directing traffic.
  • Patrons will receive one pre-packaged bag of dairy items and milk.
  • Patrons must remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • The dairy drive is open to all community members who are in need.
  • Items are free. Monetary donations are accepted.

Proper social distancing, safety and public health hygiene practices will be adhered to throughout the event.

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