OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – It’s summer tourism season in Old Forge, but with gas prices on the rise many travelers are switching up their yearly plans.

“We’re going to take a hit but people are looking not to discontinue what they want to do this summer. they’re looking for alternatives within reach,” said Mike Farmer, Director of Tourism.

Farmer explains that due to the rising prices at the pump, visitors are coming less often, but making their stay longer.

“Instead of coming multiple weekends they’re going to come and stay so they don’t have that travel cost and it means that they’ll be here for longer periods of time,” said Farmer.

Farmer finds that Mohawk Valley residents are choosing Old Forge as their vacation destination, over other popular tourism spots.

“They’re to other places they’re coming to the old forge area. People get here and they know that solitude lives five minutes from Main Street they have all the services all the shops all the restaurants all the lodging facilities all the campgrounds and they can immediately disperse and spread out to do all the things that they want and that we’re famous for,” said Farmer.