New York State Correctional Facilities investigate hazmat incidents


(WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV)– Recently, there’s been incidents involving evidence of a suspected unknown substance found in the mailrooms at Midstate and Marcy Correctional Facilities. As a result, some staff were affected and had to be transported to local hospital. New York State Senator Joseph Griffo says they have toured the correctional facilities and spoke with the state Department of Corrections about necessary steps to take in order to combat these issues.

“We talked about secure vendor program which would ensure that all packages go through major vendors as opposed to individually being sent. because there’s no real way to scrutinize those packages that are being mailed.” — Senator Joseph Griffo

Another alternative would be to provide mail scanners, “That could scan the material that’s coming through to ensure that there may be nothing dangerous or contraband in those type of packages.”

And even utilizing the tablets given to the inmates, “Right now they would be able to receive some mail electronically as opposed to contraband that is being brought in through regular mail.”

Griffo says there are a number of proposals so he does not know why the state Department of Corrections is hesitant to utilize some of these measures.

New York State Department of Corrections issued a statement saying these incidents are under investigation by their department and the New York State Police.

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