Gillibrand Calls for Legislation to Invest in Workforce Training


(Utica, NY) U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI). They train blind and visually impaired people to produce medical products and provide services needed by federal and state governments.

As organizations and manufacturers adjust to the demands of the Coronavirus crisis, Gillibrand is calling for $15 billion in funding for workforce training infrastructure — including training, career navigation, and other services — to help workers quickly gain and refine essential skills to re-enter the workforce. The Relaunching America’s Workforce Act would ensure direct support for critical workforce development and career and technical education as the economy responds. In addition, Senator Gillibrand is calling on Congress to include the End Outsourcing Act in the next Coronavirus Relief Package to support economic recovery. The legislation would create a new tax benefit to help companies bring jobs back to America and would require companies that have outsourced jobs within a five year period to pay back federal tax incentives and grants from facilities closed due to outsourcing. 

“The legislation the senator’s put forward is critical to getting more people to work, getting more domestic product made and keeping us in the front end of the fight of this and you know let’s get rid of this.”—Ed Welsh, President and CEO of CABVI

“And we’ve really found that we have a lack in our supply chain for allowing America to buy American. So we need more production, more manufacturing and so this legislation is very timely.”—Gillibrand

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