Councilman Speaks on Shooting Spike


Since Thanksgiving, there’s been non-stop shootings in the City of Utica. Councilman Delvin Moody says we have to be proactive.

“I think that we need a systemic approach…I’m focused on now spending a lot of time looking at what other cities have done in order to curtail their gun violence.” —Moody

Councilman says we need all hands on deck, change cannot come from just one person or organization.

“We have to restore the community trust, if they come forward, dismantle this idea of snitching and all of these things that are really evident. Because the truth is while you don’t want to say anything now, in Utica it is very likely that it could be one of your family members next. So you know it’s expedient for you to be quiet now until it’s your own family and so we need to build a community where we want to have accountability and until the community steps up and steps forward, we’re going to be here for some time.” —Moody

Councilman Delvin Moody will be on Facebook Live this Thursday at 6pm to discuss these issues and the community will have a chance to ask questions

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