(WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – November of 2021 has seen a few ups and downs with temperatures. About half of the month experienced high temperatures that were normal for this time of year with exactly 7 warmer than average days and 8 colder than average days. We only saw one record breaking day which was the 18th with a high temperature of 63 degrees. 

What determines if the high temperature is normal? Well, let’s first look at what’s considered an “average high temperature” for a day. The National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) puts out averages of each day in the year using weather data from the past 30 years. Let’s take November 1st as an example. The average high temperature for November 1st here in Utica is 53 degrees. That 53 is determined by looking at every high temperature for November 1st in Utica from the past 30 years, and averaging it. NCEI generates the official U.S. normals every 10 years while keeping with the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and National Weather Service (NWS).

Now that we know what the average high temperature for each day is, we’ll know whether our temperatures are close to normal or not. As long as the high temperature is within 4 degrees of the average for that day, we consider it to be normal. Five or more degrees above or below would make the day warmer or colder than average, respectively. 

In terms of rainfall, November was a little drier than normal. The average amount of rainfall for the month of November is 3.72 inches and we saw 2.88 inches. One day did break a record for rainfall which was on November 12th where we saw around an inch.

What can we expect for December? Well, the average high temperature for December 15th is 36 degrees and for the 31st, it’s 32 degrees. That means we can expect our days to be in the mid 30s for the middle of December and low 30s by the end of it. We’ll also be losing daylight for the first half of the month though by the winter solstice which is Tuesday, December 21st, we’ll start gaining daylight. Sunrises and sunsets will be increasingly later as we head throughout December.