Blossoming Through a Pandemic


(New Hartford, NY), Village Florals is gearing up for a busy Valentine’s Day Weekend. Socially distanced and in a pandemic, the shop has hundreds of orders to fulfill.

Floral Designer, Tracy Wilkinson says they’ve, “Already got most of the orders done, last night for today, so the drivers can just go and then we’re working on daily’s as they come in now. But we’re also switching back and forth for tomorrow as we get ahead.”

With all the chaos, Wilkinson is happy to be back in business after being closed due to COVID-19.

“I was the last one here actually when we found out. We just had to stop in March and then until we had further notice when we could come back, so we were out of work for about four and a half, five months.”—Wilkinson

As they started to re-open, their selection of flowers for arrangements were limited and still can be.

“Our flowers come in from different countries and they’re held up sometimes at the airport, so sometimes you can’t get what you want.” —Wilkinson

However, the florists are blooming and adhering to the guidelines.

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