A Pandemic Super Bowl, Local Restaurant Prepares

Local (Wasatch Front)

We are two days away from Super Bowl 55, one of America’s most watched programs and one of restaurants biggest nights. But with the pandemic and COVID restrictions, things may look a little different this year.

Like many restaurants, Pizza Boys, located in New York Mills, took a huge hit due to the pandemic. But even for this local pizzeria, the Super Bowl is a money maker, “I think we’re going to have a really busy take out delivery day for Super Bowl, we’re definitely expecting that.” —Shane Carney, Owner of Pizza Boys

Orders have already started to roll in, “This year, chicken wings have dramatically increased in price. They’re over $30 a case more expensive than normal. They’ve also been hard to come by. So there’s definitely been a shortage, there’s been trucks we couldn’t get wings on, they’re filling half of our orders.”

Carney increased his order by two weeks, he ensures his guests that they’ll have enough to get through the Super Bowl and prices will not be raised.

However, because we’re still in a pandemic, guests won’t able to stay to see a winner.

“Everybody’s got to be out of the restaurant by 10 o’ clock. I believe that’s going to land at the end of half time. So everybody that’s inside in our bar area is going to have to leave at half time. So that’s kind of upsetting but I mean that’s where we’re at.”

Your Super Bowl experience will look different but you can still enjoy the food while cheering on your team.

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