Local Politicians React to Presidents’ First Congressional Address


UTICA, New York (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV)— President Joseph Biden gave his first congressional address last night in front of a socially distanced reduced crowd of around 200 attendees. Reactions to his speech were divided along party lines, with Democrats praising the presidents’ progressive initiatives and Republicans condemning them.

“He’s rolled out literally the most radical policy on every level that we’ve ever seen,” Claudia Tenney, Congresswoman representing the NY-22nd congressional district said.

Congressman Antonio Delgado, a Democrat representing the 19th district applauded the president’s historic legislation with the American Rescue Plan and agreed with the president’s call for more forward legislation in a written statement.

“President Biden made clear tonight that it is not enough to return our country to pre-pandemic times — we must continue to make bold and comprehensive investments in our communities. far too many upstate residents lack access to a reliable and affordable internet connection. parents cannot afford quality child care. climate change threatens the air we breathe. our local bridges and roads are crumbling. all of these challenges are an opportunity to rebuild, create jobs, and enable upward mobility for all.”

Congresswoman Tenney joined her fellow Republicans in expressing her disappointment in the president’s speech and tone saying it wasn’t very inspiring and wasn’t anything you will remember or think about today.

“He was trying to say he wants a unifying and bipartisan tone which was great that he talked about it but it was kind of a worn-out slogan when you look at the actual performance,” Tenney said. “He hasn’t come to the Congress in a bipartisan or unifying way he is yet to meet with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy or in a meaningful way the senate minority leader.”

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