WORCESTER, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – A Worcester man says he will walk all 20 state forests in Otsego County to raise money for a local house for cancer patients.

65-year-old Tom Walsh of Worcester will be walking approximately 200 miles to raise money for the Hannah-Lee House beginning on or around Wednesday, June 1. The Hannah-Lee House serves as a home away from home for patients or families receiving care at the Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown. This is the fourth time Walsh – who is a cancer survivor himself — has made a hike like this. Last year, he hiked to all of the state parks and forests in Otsego County, raising funds for the Bassett Cancer Institute and Otsego Outdoors.

“There’s three reasons I do this,” Walsh said in a statement. “One is to raise money, two is to raise awareness about the Hannah-Lee House and Otsego Outdoors, and three is a personal challenge.”

The walk will also take him through all 24 towns in Otsego County, as well as five conservation areas owned by the Otsego Land Trust. The route will require him to walk approximately 12 miles a day for three weeks, according to Otsego Outdoors.

“Hiking 12 miles a day for days in a row will be a challenge,” Walsh said in a statement. “It helps keep me going, knowing if I reach the next forest, that means more funds go to the Hannah-Lee House and Otsego Outdoors,” he said.

Donators are encouraged to donate through Tom’s website at otsegooutdoors.org/tomscharityhike/. Donations can be made per forest or conservation area Walsh reaches or via a lump sum. Walsh’s goal is to raise $5,000, which will be split between the Hannah-Lee House and Otsego Outdoors.

For more information, or to follow Walsh’s progress through Otsego County, you are encouraged to go to the Otsego Outdoors website at otsegooutdoors.org or the Otsego Outdoors Facebook page.