Woodstock Looks At Strike Three

Local News

Denied A Third Time

The Town of Vernon Codes Department has, for the third time, denied the Woodstock 50 promoters a permit to stage their anniversary concerts at Vernon Downs. Once again, the main cause is the time frame. The application needed to be submitted with 120 days of the proposed August event.

The Codes Enforcement Department’s latest rejection letter notes that the Public Safety Plan presented on behalf of the Woodstock promoters is invalidated by a Confidentiality Statement included in the presentation. The Confidentiality Statement says:

According to the Codes Department, “the disclaimer of responsibility makes the plan worthless as a basis for issuing a permit.”

Further objections posted by the Codes Department are similar to those cited in previous denials of applications made on behalf of the concerts. Those include a lack of details in the planning. This denial also addressed the issue of where 65,000 concert goers would go after the first two nights of the three day event. The Codes Department noted that this issue is “one of the most obvious difficulties for this event to take place safely…” The denial notes that there is no mention in the application as to where those persons will stray the night.

When asked about the latest denial, a Woodstock 50 spokesperson said they would have no comment at this time.

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