UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Teachers in the Utica City School District are currently on year 2 without their contract, and that’s why the Utica Teachers Association (UTA) is urging the district to continue mediation and come to a conclusion.

“We have been negotiating steadily we thought things were going well and suddenly the district declared impasse which means we couldn’t come to an agreement the UTA team has always been willing to come to an agreement so we are now in mediation trying to work things out with them,” said Kirstin Vivacqua, Vice President of Special Areas – Utica Teachers’ Association.

The first mediation was cut short, now the group is looking to schedule a second meeting to late November or December delaying the process further. Going into the next meeting, the UTA has a positive attitude.

“We have some new board members that are active in the school buildings a new acting superintendent there’s a positive vibe throughout the district so we’re hoping that the positive energy is going to flow over into negotiations and give teachers a contract that they wholeheartedly deserve,” said Scott Rogowski, President – Utica Teachers’ Association.

The hope is that this contract will be competitive with other districts in order to attract and retain teachers.

“We need to get the higher pay affordable health insurance. Imagine you get your dream job, and you get your first paycheck and you’re in tears because you can’t afford to stay in that job. We have to stop the revolving door,” said Rogowski.