Utica Police Make Two Arrests In West Utica

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Man Allegedly Tried To Hide Crack In Shoe Of Child

Utica Police have released information regarding two arrests made in West Utica Wednesday night, one of which involved an alleged attempt to hide crack cocaine in the shoe of a child younger than 10 years old.

Police report that they attempted a traffic stop on Erie Street in Utica about 10:30PM Wednesday. The driver did not comply, instead he continued at a slow rate of speed. Eventually the car pulled over into the parking lot at 811 Court Street. The driver was identified as Charles Ferguson, 36 years old. There were two children in the vehicle, ages 6 and 7 years old. It was learned that Ferguson was driving on a suspended license and was arrested on that charge.

During the investigation of the vehicle police noticed several baggies, often used in the packaging of narcotics, sticking out of the shoe of one of the children. Police believe that the contents of the baggies were crack cocaine. It was determined that Ferguson had placed the baggies in the shoe of he child during the stop in an attempt to avoid them being found by police.

Ferguson was charged with two counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and several traffic violations. Child protective services were notified about the incident and will conduct an investigation.

In an unrelated situation, less than half a hour later and four blocks from the traffic stop involving Charles Ferguson, Utica Police made an arrest regarding an illegal handgun. Around 10:55PM, police were called to the 1200 block of Court Street for a fight in which a handgun was seen. Upon arrival at the scene, police were directed to a vehicle where the man with the gun was reported to be. Officers found a .22 caliber handgun on the floor of the car, in plain view. Terrel Loadholt, 42 years old, was arrested and charged with two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon and one count of Criminal Possession of a Firearm.

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