UTICA, NY (WWUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – A pair of break ins and sexual assaults within a short period of time and a short distance from each other has police asking for the public’s help.  Utica Police released two photos and a short video of a suspect in the incidents.

Shortly before 7:00PM Saturday, Utica Police responded to a call on South Street for a burglary in progress. A teenage girl had returned to her home and found a man in a bedroom. As she attempted to flee, the intruder chased her down and caught her. He threatened to kill the girl and began to sexually assault her. The victim managed to escape the house. The attacker also left by the time police arrived.

As they were investigating the first incident on South Street, police were called to another report of a similar incident a short distance away on Hilton Ave. There they found a 67 year old woman who told police that she was sleeping on her couch when she was woken by a man in her house. She yelled at the intruder. Similar to the first incident, the intruder went after the victim and sexually assaulted them. The woman managed to escape the house and run to a neighbor to call 911.

Utica Police have dedicated a great deal of effort to identify and locate the suspect. Police are asking for the help of the public in their efforts. If you have any information you are asked to contact the Utica Police at this special number, 315-223-3461.

The police are also urging the public to lock and secure their homes and, if you observe any suspicious activity do not hesitate…call the police at 911 or 315-735-3301.